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Associates of the Sisters of St. Francis, Oldenburg, are women and men who live the Gospel life by embracing the mission, vision, and values of the Congregation.
        Mission Statement 
Associates of the Sisters of St. Francis, Oldenburg, are rooted in the Gospel and in Franciscan values, mindful of our call to be a presence of Jesus Christ, especially to those who are powerless, who are poor, who are oppressed.
  • Persons 21 years of age, ordinarily, or older
  • Married couples
  • Single women and men
  • Catholics, as well as, persons from other religious traditions.
  • To allow Sisters and Associates to explore together a call from God.
  • To enable both the Congregation and the Associates to give mutual support in their commitment to living out the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • To share in mutuality with the Sisters, our gifts of the Spirit and to allow ourselves to be enriched with the gifts of others in the Church.
  • To share in the mission and prayer of the Congregation.


  • Meet regularly with a Contact Person
  • Gather regularly with a group of other Associates and Sisters where possible 
  • Attend community events at Oldenburg when possible
  • Try to integrate Franciscan values into every aspect of their lives
  • Experience ongoing mutual support in faith and ministry 


  • Pray to know how God is calling you
  • Visit with an Oldenburg Franciscan Sister or Associate
  • Contact the Associate Office


Becoming an Associate is not like joining a club or even a church community. The decision to make an Associate commitment with a specific community is a life decision. Making this commitment is choosing a direction from which later decisions and relationships follow.

This decision is a preliminary step in the initial formation process. The process as a Prospective Associate is not a formality to go through for what has already been decided. When we look at the expectations of Assoicates and the public expression of the charism, which Associates witness to the world, the decision to make a commitment is more than an application process. It is a holy opportunity to discern the presence of a spiritual call. All discernment processes are intentional and take time. (NACAR Manual, "Lead with the Spirit")

What is the Oldenburg Associates' Spiritual Growth Fund?

The Spiritual Growth Fund is designated monies that have been set aside to help Associates who are experiencing financial difficulties and cannot afford to attend spiritual growth programs such as retreats, prayer days, gatherings, etc.  This fund is established and maintained through Associate donations.  All Associates of the Sisters of St. Francis, Oldenburg, are eligible to apply for money from this fund if they are in financial need.  To apply, an Associate can call the Associate Office (1.812.933.6439) or email the Associate Office at to request an application.  The completed application can be returned to the office by email or postal at least 30 days before the event.  Print out the application by clicking here: Scholarship Application

ASSOCIATE BOARD MEMBERS:  Bro. Joe Bach, S. Maureen Irvin, Carolyn Meyer, Jane Schaefer, Karen Casper, Gina Davidson, Phil Deardorff, S. Kate Holohan, Becky Koors, S. Barb Piller, Betsy Savare, Pam Statt, Yogi Wess

For additional information about the Associates of the Sisters of St. Francis, Oldenburg, please contact Carolyn Meyer or Jane Schaefer, Co-Directors of Associates.


Jane Schaefer                         
Carolyn Meyer