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What's New

Soup, Silence and Supplication
Lenten Prayer Day
Saturday, March 18, 2017
2:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Cost: $5.00
Beyond Giving Up Chocolate-Lessons from the Cocoa Bean

Carolyn and Jane will provide prayer opportunities and reflection time by comparing our faith life and journey through Lent with the growing and production of chocolate.  We will follow the afternoon of prayer with a soup, bread and dessert supper.  Please join us this Lenten season as we consider why we often take life's best gifts for granted--whether it is chocolate or God's loving presence!

Please call or email the Associate Office by March 15 to register.

Journey Toward Interdependence

Jeanne Connolly

April 8, 2017

Open to all Sisters and Associates
Presentation will be at the Sisters of Charity

For full information see the flyer attached: Jeanne Connolly April 8

See flyer for registration information.

As a means of narrowing the bridges and opening the door for new friendships to be formed, Associates were given an Associate's name, randomly drawn, to hold in prayer until this time next year.  The prayer below was sent to all Associates to use if they would like.

Gracious and loving God, thank you for the gift of _____________
to the Associate relationship.  May God bless him/her and each of his/her loved ones.  May he/she be remembered each time I come to you in prayer.  Bless us all on our journey to your Kingdom.  In a special way we remember our Angels from this past year.  In Jesus' name, we pray.  Amen.


Laudato Si'

With the publishing of Pope Francis'
encyclical on care of Creation we thought
you might enjoy reading the encyclical
and pondering a few reflection questions.
Click on the links below to find the
encyclical, a summary, a discussion
guide and reflection questions by chapter. 

The encyclical in full:

Study guide sites:
Summary and Reflections: (Type "Laudato Si" in the search box in the upper left to go directly to the summary and reflection guide.)

Discussion Guide: (Type "Laudato Si" in the search box at the upper right to go directly to the discussion guide.)

Reflection Resource:


Questions from Jesuit Fr. Thomas Reese
Where have you seen harm inflicted on Sister Earth?

Chapter 1
What are the effects on people's lives of environmental deterioration, current models of development, and the throw away culture?

Chapter 2
If the ultimate purpose of other creatures is not to be found in us, how do we and other creatures fit into God's plan?

Questions from Columbian Center For Advocacy and Outreach
Chapter 3
What is your understanding of care for creation and care for the poor?  Are there restraints that wealthy nations need to make to ensure that all can benefit?

Chapter 4
What responsibilities do you have to creation?  How is poverty an environmental issue?

Chapter 5
In what ways are you free?  In what ways are you bound?  What are the steps you can take to live out the call to ecological conversion?


Chris Lambert
Memorial for  Bro. Chris Lambert OFM

Betty Seufert
Memorial Letter for Betty Seufert

Betty Lesch
Memorial Letter for Betty Lesch

Mary Wanamaker
Memorial letter for Mary Wanamaker

Esther Glover
Memorial letter for Esther Glover

Donna Hamblin
Memorial letter for Donna Hamblin

Barbara Elliott
Memorial letter for Barbara Elliott