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Pray With Us (weekly reflection)

Reflection for October 22, 2017
 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time

First Reading: Isaiah 45:1, 4-6
Responsorial Psalm:  Psalm 96: 1-5, 7-10
Second Reading: Thessalonians 1: 1-5b
Gospel: Matthew 22: 15-21

"The Pharisees feared Jesus because he was threatening their worldly authority.  They wanted to find a way to get him out of the way, lessening his influence over the people." we get lost in our personal, cultural or political circles forgetting God's presence within our own hearts?

"Jesus knew their hearts and their hypocrisy." Often we too can be struggling over choices forgetting to give God what belongs to God.
...will we listen to God's voice in creation?  Where the Earth suffers the poor suffer first.

Jesus our teacher, comforter and lover, help us to discover your presence even in the disturbing events of our every day living enduring hope in your Word, saying to us: "Give to ___?___ what belongs to ___?___ and to God what belongs to God."

Marian Boberschmidt, osf